DealGuardian: Our fees

Processing fees

DealGuardian processes your sales for you, so you don't need to process through your own merchant account or paypal account. Then, once a week, we submit a mass-payment to all our members in one single convenient payment.

Our transaction fees are very competitive: we simply markup the official banking processing fees by a small 2%, which is our profit. Those official processing fees vary depending on a number of factors such as for example whether the customer is US-based or international, or whether the payment is sent in US dollars or any other currency, or what type of credit card is used, etc. That is why we cannot give you one single processing fee, but let us give you some actual examples:

US-based customer buys your product via PayPal and pays in US dollars: The total transaction fee would be 2.9% + US$0.30 (PayPal's official fee) + 2% (our markup)

US-based customer buys your product via Visa credit card and pays in US dollars: The total transaction fee would be 2.5% + US$0.35 (banking official fee) + 2% (our markup).

International customer buys your product via American Express card and pays in a foreign currency: The transaction total fee would be 3.6% + US$0.55 (banking official fee) + 2% (our markup).

So, in a nutshell, DealGuardian negotiates with the big processing institutions for the most competitive fees available in the market, and applies a small 2% markup as our own profit.

Withdrawal fees

When it comes to cash out and withdraw your profits, you can choose from a number of options:

PayPal: US$3 for US members, and $3 + 2% (maximum US$23) for international members.

Bank wire: US$45 for both US and international members.

Check: US$15 for US members and US$25 for international members.

Please note that we don't make any profit off these withdrawal fees. They represent the very fees the banking institutions charge us per payment sendout.

Product listing fees

It's totally free to list your product in DealGuardian. That will allow you to display the product in the marketplace, start processing sales, get affiliates and JV brokers to promote our products, etc.