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Instantly turn any book into a profitable Android App

“Become A Paid App Developer Overnight By Using A Simple Trick That Turns Books Into Android Apps Instantly”


“Drive Leads & Sales Into Your Funnel With Simple Books Turned Into Android Apps…”

Dear Fellow Marketer,

My name is Caleb Spilchen… and I’d like to tell you a short story about something I’ve really struggled with…

First, I’ve got to tell you something about me, I type 105 words a minute… and often I find myself typing out long reports… in different niches… And let me tell you what happens to all of those superb reports that I put together…

They end up collecting dust on the hard drive…

Sure, there are MANY ways to put a book out to the market… but NONE of them, are truly simple… truly effortless, and most require a lot of ongoing work…

That’s when a friend mentioned to me, that someone was putting books onto Android phones as an app and by the looks of it earning big..

I Assumed He Was Using Some High-End Software

Over the next few days, I researched every possible way he could have done it… I used multiple “little” complex software programs, which claimed to make apps….

And what are the results? I found out that all of the “complex” solutions either sucked or just simply didn’t work anymore….

However, after a few days of intense research… I found a “secret” solution that most marketers haven’t seen…. That creates android apps in minutes…

“Eureka! I Can Make Apps…”

However… soon-after I discovered this…. A HUGE problem came up. Sure, I could create simple little apps… But how could I turn a book into one of those apps?

I began trying every little nifty online software that “supposedly” made a file for this app software… a file that would “work” with PDF documents… And the result? You probably guessed it, a bunch of complicated codes, and no real results…

Over the next few days, I researched and researched, and finally found a “hidden trick” that would turn books into apps in just a couple minutes….

After testing and testing…

I Came Up With A Simple Formula That Turns Books Into Android Apps… Without ANY Programming Knowledge


Introducing Instant Book Apps


Even A Monkey Can Create Mobile Apps From Books With Instant Book Apps….

Instant Book Apps is that easy… When you join the “Instant Book Apps” program today… You’ll get my complete PDF training course that gives you a STEP by STEP process to success….

I’ve broken down that process for you:

Step 1 – Your Book


In the step 1 training, I show you the simple tricks that you do to your book, to make it “READY FOR ANDROID”, and the one trick that will change everything….

And I tell you how to profit from other people’s work (LEGALLY)…

Step 2 – Making Your Book Android Ready


In the step 2 training, I show you the simple ways to make your book Android ready… ready to crush it, I show you the big “P” that will ENSURE you fail… and the “D” that ensures success…

Step 3 – Making Your Android App


In the step 3 training, I show you the ONE simple tool that will make your Android app, in SECONDS…. And the simple “D” trick that will change everything for you…

Step 4 – Marketing


In the step 4 training, I show you the EASY way… to get your apps up on Android… And the “d” trick that will increase your downloads and more…

With This Simple System, You Can Profit Easily…

It’s literally “a 2 second” system to profit…. With this, and… I’ve made it even easier with my BONUS chapter, the “Out of the box chapter”…

Which allows you to literally TAP into my brain, and see every idea I’ve had (tried and untried) for crushing it with this system…

What Would That Be Worth To You?

What would it be worth to you… to tap into my head, get my complete ideas to dominate…. Get my complete system that turns books into apps in seconds… and more….




You Can Get Access To This Stupid-Simple System For Just $9.90*

What Other Customers Are Saying…

“I still make money with Caleb’s App Systems>“
Originally Posted by Marci Ann Aurila View Post
I will be grabbing this! I purchased a product by Caleb about apps last year and although I did not do as much with it as I could have (*end user failure!*) (had surgery right around when I got it) I still make money now from the app created following his system. As recently as yesterday I got more money in! So that should say something there.

Excited to dive in!

“Passive Income Without Tech Skills!
Originally Posted by jbode View Post
I never heard of this method until I was introduced to Caleb’s WSO and when I saw it, I immediately saw the potential in it adding another passive income stream into my business.He lays everything out into an easy to understand and quite do-able system… even if you have no tech skills.
Originally Posted by Brad Gosse View Post
Dude this is awesome, I am forwarding this to all my customers now. What an awesome way to distribute content for cash or lead gen
Caleb Is COMMITTED To Customer Service”
Originally Posted by jsaldrich View Post
I just recently purchased Caleb’s offering. Very impressed; Caleb has already updated the material. Really impressed with his commitment to customer service.As a writer/publisher I am intrigued by the possibilities offered by the Apps content. I already have “personalized” my ebooks with content designed to monetize my web site and its products.
Originally Posted by Frank Schwarz View Post
Caleb did great with this one guys and jump on it if you want to increase your marketing. I definitely am going to expand on this and get cracking on some really big marketing ideas.
Originally Posted by dadhere View Post
I have to admit this is one of the most unique ideas. I’ve seen in a while but with technology changing so rapidly you have to be on the forefront to get ideas like this that can payoff, and I believe this one can. There are many ways to utilize this idea and the format is so new that the market is really booming for apps.In this short pdf (10 pages) each chapter is covered quickly leaving me wonder if it’s really this easy…

I followed the steps, went to the suggested areas and saw how simple this was


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