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How to create your very own Green Screen Plus 20 HD Virtual Studio Backgrounds


How to create your very own Green Screen HD Virtual Studio Backgrounds... Turbo charge your video views on YouTube and make a great living out of it.


From the desk of Jose Nunes

Dear video enthusiast.

Video is now the number one must have communication tool whether you are a marketeer, an entertainer or blogger, video marketing is a priority for any type of business. Video made up 75% of the content most viewed online in 2012. 

Video will be the fastest-growing digital content category in 2013.

Sure we have seen some big numbers on Online Video in the past, with both Cisco and Youtube predicting Video will be around 90 per cent of the Internet in a few years time.

Now another company joins the choir, Forrester, releasing a new study that shows that 90 per cent of the online population will regularly watch online video by 2017. 

Well I could even be bolder and predict that by 2015, even more people will be watching online video regularly! Lets push that 90% to 95-97?! by 2017...You see, nobody reads very much these days so video will be the most popular medium.

Allow me explain my facts from 2012 as I received just over 1.5 million video views myself using video marketing only, so please click on the image below to verify.


Jose Nunes - YouTube


And while you are at it you can also look at my online video marketing services video list and see that I have just over 80 videos promoting other people's businesses and from those videos alone I made just over $100,000.00 or to be exact $109.910.00 and this does not include the videos that were not requested to be uploaded to my YouTube account.

Altogether last year I made 183 videos, but it was only after 100 videos that I started to have requests to upload to my YouTube channel and that is extra costs not included on the standard video production... Ok, so let's get straight to the point here.

Here is what I have put together for you so you can come and join me on this video boom.





How to Chroma Key


Setudio Designer Files Included




How to optimize Videos for YouTube and Google

How to create a virtual studio COVER

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