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How I used one weird trick to START and FINISH writing a 344-page book...and so can you


 Kelley Eidem, authorGet my $3 weird trick to start and finish writing “That Book”
you’ve always wanted to write and NEVER get WRITER'S BLOCK again!


Fulfill your dream with this 2-second trick
that triggers the hardwiring in your brain


Have you ever wanted to write a book? Of course, you have. There’s a book or two inside you screaming to get out. But it’s trapped there because you probably believe in your heart of hearts it’s too doggone hard to pull it off.

That fear comes from high school. Let’s take a little journey back to those times in school where you stared at a blank sheet of paper or an empty computer screen struggling to write a three-page paper.

Just you and the paper. The paper and you. Both blank.  Nothin’. Nada. Zippo. I did the same thing!

Those were painful times, weren’t they? They sure were for me, because the same thing happened to me – more than once. But guess what! I’m a published author. Here's is one of my books.

You can be a published author, too.

By the way, when you listen to my videos, you'll see I can hardly put two sentences together when I talk. Heck, I stumble with even one sentence. So if you're like me that way, don't worry. 

So how did I go from the ol’ blank stare to seeing orders for my book coming in every day?

Before we get to that, you need to know something else about me. Sometimes I’m lazy. Plus, I procrastinate too much. Despite those character flaws, I’m still a published author.

What I’m going to reveal to you in my "One Weird Trick" report is how I was able to write a serious 344-page hard cover book that’s now in paperback and get it published by a Manhattan publisher despite being a lazy procrastinator who stumbles over his words.

You might even want to click on the image up above to find out more about this honest-to-goodness book. That’s my name down at the bottom. It’s too small to see it here, but over on the left is Seymour Brenner, M.D., FACR who wrote the foreword. The late Robert E. Atkins, M.D., mega selling author of The New Diet Revolution, etc., provided an endorsement on the front cover as well. 

I am now following a lifelong dream helping people – all because I was able to write a full length book. About 90% of my time is devoted to assisting people who have cancer and promoting my book The Doctor Who Cures Cancer.

"One Weird Trick" is outside my main area of interest when it comes to writing, so you might be wondering why I’ve bothered to prepare it for you. It came to me in a flash.

Last night (August 29, 2013), I was talking to a man named Rick who had served time in prison. He was raised by his crack addict mother because his father was in prison when Rick was a child.

But now Rick is turning his life around. He’s enrolled in a class where he is learning the life skills to be self supporting not through handouts but by his own efforts while working with successful community “allies” who are guiding him along the way.

Anyway, Rick asked me what I do for a living. I told him I was an author. The first thing he said to me after that was tinged with enthusiasm but wistful. He told me he had a book inside him and he wanted to write a book. Sooooooo many people have said much the same thing. 

But it wasn't until the morning after my conversation with Rick that it hit me. I could help Rick because I know a super easy way to write books. Writing a book has to be super easy for me because when something is hard to do - I’m ashamed to admit it - often I don’t follow through.

When I woke up this morning, I practically jumped out of bed (not easy to do when you’re partially disabled, LOL.) It dawned on me that there are so many would-be authors who would be an author if only they knew this One Weird Trick.

Have you ever felt like Rick did...?You're excited but wistful about writing a book “some day?” Most likely, you have a story to tell within you which is why you are here. It’s a really common situation to be in. So many people have a book they want to write. But they don’t know how to unlock the door to let the book out.

If that’s you, I have some great news for you. You can write your book even if ...

  • you got an “F” on one or more term papers

  • you started your book but failed before

  • fear of failure has kept you from ever trying

  • you are lousy at grammar right now

  • you HATED writing in school


You have a book in you

You do have a book in you, and you’d like to get the book out of your heart and into your hands. But writing a book can feel like a daunting task, right? Very few people actually sit down even once to start.

Or maybe you’ve started but quickly got stuck. Don’t feel bad. Here's why...

When you get my One Weird Trick Report, you’ll be floored at how easy it can be to write an entire book, or even several books.

For instance, writing my first 344-page book was not any harder than writing a 5-page paper in college regarding the poet William Wordsworth. My book was easier, in fact. And definitely a whole lot more fun!

Isn’t that weird? Isn’t writing a book supposed to be one of the most challenging things you can do? If you do it the regular way, yes, definitely. But if you do it the weird way, each new day of writing is exciting and fun. You’ll feel like you want to write all day every day with no delays or distractions.

Me - the procrastinator - wrote The Doctor Who Cures Cancer like I was a well oiled machine all because I applied this "drop dead simple" technique that made me want to write the next day each and every day until it was done.


No dread! No fear of failure!

That’s right, the dread and fear of failure left. All that was left was the excitement about getting back to writing each and every day.

Writing is like inventing. Every single sentence in an entire book is a new invention you have to create. So it’s no wonder you dread sitting down to get started. The dread and fear typically increases tremendously from there.

How can you keep starting from scratch each and every day to make dozens of new ‘inventions?’ Because each new sentence is an invention you create.

But this One Weird Secret cracks the code. Actually I borrowed the code from a Nobel Prize winning author. Why not borrow from the best! If it worked for him, maybe it would work for me.

Sure enough, it did. Writing the book was one of the funnest (is that even a word?) things I’ve ever done in my life. I had a better time writing the book than I’ve had on some vacations.

Here is the thing. This weird secret is so easy and so simple that an eight-year-old child could do it.  

You could have gotten an “F” on your English term papers and suck at grammar and puncuation and still use this method to write your book.

Wouldn’t you love slapping that book of yours down on the teacher’s desk!


How does this weird trick work?

This trick works with your brain naturally allowing your brain to do what it is hard wired to do. You don’t have to repeat affirmations, perform any rituals, or make up a dream board, or anything awkward or uncomfortable. 

It takes about two seconds each day to do it…maybe one second - I'm serious! If you’re real slow and deliberate, it’ll take three seconds. But you’ll be automatically setting your brain in motion for your next day

When you go to bed at night and get up the next morning, you’ll want to get to your writing once again. You won’t be futzing around with delay tactics trying to avoid writing your book.

How do I know that you’ll excitedly go at it each day until you’re done?

‘Cuz I’ve been there and done that!

I'm on the hook here with this 100% guaranteed, no-risk report. If it doesn't work for you, you can get 100% of your money back no questions asked.

If I were blowing smoke about this, I'd be wasting my time even telling you about it. I'm offering this to you just like I gave the secret to Rick. 


Your book will be 100% in your own words, too!

You'll be tapping into your own story whether it be fiction or nonfiction. This trick acts like a faucet. You'll find your words and sentences sometimes simply pour out. You'll never be stuck wondering what comes next.


DealGuardian guarantees this product's money-back policy


My promise is guaranteed!

You will steadily or feverishly whip out your book just like I said, or you can get your money back. You’ll have a full 30 days to decide. No questions asked. All you do is submit a refund request and it’s yours. Of course, I’m not worried about refunds because in two or three days, you’ll see and experience exactly what I’m talking about.

And you’ll be on your way to completing your book. Your manuscript - that up until now is still locked up inside you - will turn into a real story people can read. From now on, you’ll have the key to unlock your book and make it a reality.

Sure, if you want it write a screenplay or a Broadway script, you can do that too using the very same method.

By the way, this trick doesn’t work for just one book. It will miraculously work for each and every book you ever write.

When you order through the secure server, my weird trick will be sent to you in mere seconds even if it’s three o’clock in the morning.


How darn much is something this fantastic going to cost me?

My little known secret method must cost a month’s wages, right?

You would expect so because it is that good. But you’ll be stunned when you find out how little this life changing investment in yourself is going to cost you.

You might think the charge for a secret as valuable as this one would cost thousands of dollars, maybe several thousand dollars.

But One Weird Trick doesn’t even cost several hundred dollars.

It doesn’t cost $197 either.

Not $97. Nope.

$47? Nope.


The One Weird Trick report is just $3*

You could order a program to teach you how to write a book and pay several hundred dollars for it. But it wouldn’t be as valuable as this weird trick.

Why is the price for my One Weird Trick only seven three bucks? That way the secret is not out of reach for anybody unless they are truly destitute. 

You might be wondering why I am charging anything at all since I’m willing to sell it for such a low cost? Why not just give it away? Because if I gave The One Weird Trick away, you wouldn’t have any skin in the game. You need to choose back. A mere $3 and you’re in.

This weird writing trick is like having the keys to the kingdom. It removes dread, procrastination, all fear of failure, dilly dallying, and replaces those blocks with calm anticipation and excitement.

You might have The Doctor Who Cures Cancer already. If you do, you already know that it could have been a daunting task. The Doctor Who Cures Cancer is not just some book that was slapped together. It’s a real honest-to-goodness book with rave reviews.

So if this trick worked for me on a full fledged book, just imagine how my One Weird Trick will work for you. The Doctor Who Cures Cancer would have been impossible if I didn’t know this trick.

But by using One Weird Trick, a magnificent book got written. That book is my retirement plan because people keep reordering more copies and spreading the word.

As far as the crazy price goes, the price could change any day, so you better jump on it now. Maybe I’ll start increasing the price with each purchase.

If you see a price higher than $3, then that is what happened. Either way This Weird Trick is still worth it many hundreds of times over what you’re about to invest in yourself.





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